AKC Mastiff Breeders

This is Rockport & 4-paws King David. He is 7 months old now at #95lbs.

We are now updating our females to go with Rockport Island son. We have purchased a pup of ch. sir and ch. Dam from Majic Kennels, also a ch. Sir and ch dam female fawn pup from Mystery Mountain Kennels of California and also a European import pup will arrive here by the first of February 2014 out of Netherlands. So within 18 months we will have you some top quality breed show pups. And breed with our fabulous Rockport Island son. We should have some knock out puppies for your couch or show ring. Have fun out there you guys showing. We are striving to better the breed and quality of this breed, and yes, these pups will be a little higher in price but it is the difference in buying a Cadillac or a Honda. You get what you pay for. But we do stand behind our dog sales, for quality and soundness of this breed. You will never understand us mastiff people till you own a mastiff, after that no other breed will ever steal your heart like a mastiff does. This is the smartest, loyal, loving companion you will ever have.

Now, I told you that teddy bear was mine.

This is our duke and his new buddy tiny that was abandoned at a trailer park that we rescued, they are best of buddies and have their playtime with their red teddy bear. The mastiff breed is nothing but gentle giants with a real big heart.

New UK import from Rockports Mastiffs, Rock Port and Pallones Bloodline. This will be our new brindle stud for brindle pups out of Gropptti & Greco females. We will be showing him in AKC shows, so look for him in the ring this spring.

Duke at home.